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  • UW Disability Equity Project Seeks Focus Group Participants

    6:21 pm

    UW students, staff, and faculty who have a disability, physical or mental health condition, a chronic illness, or are d/Deaf are invited to contribute to a research project on disability, equity, and inclusion. A research team from the Disability Studies Program, The D Center, and the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine will conduct online focus groups where participants will be asked to share their experiences of ableism or discrimination as well as allyship and community in academic and healthcare situations.

    The details:

    Information from the focus groups will be used to develop a disability allyship training curriculum that is rooted in lived experiences and can be implemented in the education and training of healthcare professionals and others across UW to improve our inclusive campus culture. All research information will be de-identified. 

    For questions or to express interest in the study, please contact the research team at

    This study is being funded by Center for Leadership and Innovation in Medical Education (CLIME).

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  • Scholars Who Use Screen Readers to Read Scientific Papers Sought for a User Study

    5:01 pm

    The Semantic Scholar Research Team at the Allen Institute for AI is conducting an experiment to evaluate the screen reader accessibility of scientific papers. We are looking for participants who are age 18 or older, who identify as blind or low vision, and who have experience using screen readers to interact with scientific papers.

    The details:

    • Complete the eligibility form to determine eligibility
    • Study is all online (Zoom)
    • Takes approximately 75 minutes
    • Participants receive a $150 Amazon gift card

    Participation in this study is entirely voluntary. If you do decide to participate, your individual data will be kept strictly confidential and will be stored without personal identifiers. The study involves an informational interview to better understand screen reader needs around scientific papers. Each participant will also be asked to interact with papers on a web interface developed by the team.

    Please contact Jonathan Bragg ( or Lucy Lu Wang ( if you have any questions or concerns about this study. Thank you in advance for your time! Please help us spread the word by forwarding as appropriate.

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  • Black Disability Art History 101: From Back in the Day to Today

    5:21 pm

    The Inclusion Project, a youth led project, with the Center for Disability Leadership is hosting this workshop led by Leroy F. Moore Jr., founder of Krip-Hop Nation.

    Wed, October 21, 2020
    3:30 – 5:00 p.m. PDT

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    Black disabled and Deaf artists have always existed. They were on the street corners down South singing the Blues, spray painting on New York subways, and bringing sign language to the big screen. Today, young Black disabled artists are finding their own way to the stage and studio, some with a paintbrush in hands and on the big screen like Kei’Arie “Cookie” Tatum, and some with a drumstick in their hands, like Vita E. Cleveland. 

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  • January 8, 2021: Sara Hendren - What Can a Body Do?

    12:08 am

    The CREATE Conversation Hub hosts a live Q&A with Sara Hendren on the future of mobility and lessons she learned through writing her new book, What Can A Body Do? How We Meet the Built World.

    Sara Hendren: Future visions of mobility and lessons learned through writing What Can A Body Do? How We Meet the Built World

    January 8, 2021 at 11 a.m. Pacific time (2 p.m. Eastern time)

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    Sara Hendren is an artist, design researcher, writer, and professor at Olin College of Engineering. Her work spans collaborative public art and social design that engages the human body, technology, and the politics of disability -- such as a lectern for short stature or a ramp for wheelchair dancing. She also co-founded the Accessible Icon Project. 

    Read more about Hendren's book, What Can A Body Do? How We Meet the Built World? in the New Yorker Review and on

    Sara Hendren in a green jacket with brown hair pulled back, standing oustide in front of fence with ivy.

    Cover of Sara Hendren's book, "What Can A Body Do? How We Meet the Built World" with a bright yellow background

    • Accessibility

      We strive to make our events as accessible as possible, including using video conferencing with automated captions, supporting people in using text or voice to join the conversations, and working with disability services to address any other accommodations. We welcome any ongoing feedback on how best to create an accessible experience.

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  • New CREATE Conversation Hub: Reimagining Mobility

    7:33 pm

    Mobility is a central part of accessibility and this new Conversation Hub, hosted by CREATE Associate Directors Kat Steele and Heather Feldner, provides a way to connect and learn from guests who are engaged in critical mobility work — ranging from researchers to small business owners to self-advocates.

    We will dive deeply into conversations about mobility as a multifaceted concept, and explore how it intersects with other dimensions of access across contexts of research, education, and public policy.

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    Read more about Reimagining Mobility and see future and past events.

    Upcoming conversations

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