CREATE’s education initiatives teach students about accessibility and how to champion it in the workforce. CREATE trains the next generation of technology designers, engineers, and product managers to champion accessibility in their work.

We support teaching students and faculty about accessible technology and about accessible teaching and learning. We also work to include people with disabilities in education. Read about our vision for inclusive education in whitepapers that came out of the joint workshop on Education & Accessibility, organized by Microsoft and CREATE in 2020.

We invite students with interests in accessibility research, education or translation-to-practice to join CREATE.

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Mark Harniss, CREATE Director for Education

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News related to CREATE’s Education Work

  • Augmented Reality to Support Accessibility

    October 25, 2023 RASSAR – Room Accessibility and Safety Scan in Augmented Reality – is a novel smartphone-based prototype for semi-automatically identifying, categorizing, and localizing indoor accessibility and safety issues. With RASSAR, the user holds out their phone and scans a space. The tool uses LiDAR and camera data, real-time machine learning, and AR to…

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  • Research at the Intersection of Race, Disability and Accessibility

    October 13, 2023 What are the opportunities for research to engage the intersection of race and disability? What is the value of considering how constructs of race and disability work alongside each other within accessibility research studies? Two CREATE Ph.D. students have explored these questions and found little focus on this intersection within accessibility research.…

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  • CREATE's Newest Ph.D Graduates

    June 9, 2023 We're proud to see these talented, passionate students receive their Ph.D.s and excited to see how they continue their work in accessibility. Alyssa Spomer, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering Dissertation: Evaluating multimodal biofeedback to target and improve motor control in cerebral palsy Advisor: Kat Steele Honors, awards and articles: NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and…

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  • Rethinking Disability and Advancing Access

    UW CREATE collaborates toward a world with fewer problems and more solutions for people of all abilities. The UW College of Engineering showcased CREATE’s mission, moonshots, and collaborative successes in a feature article, Rethinking disability and advancing access, written by Alice Skipton. The article is reproduced and reformatted here. CREATE researchers and partners work on high-impact…

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  • Teach Access Study Away program

    There is a wonderful, free short course, Teach Access Study Away, run by the Teach Access organization each year.  The 2023 Teach Access Virtual Study Away is a two-part series. Part 1 focuses on the basics of accessibility and disability; Part 2 covers more advanced topics so completion of Part 1 or a previous Study Access…

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