AccessEngineering researchers working with DO-IT makers

Faculty, students and industry partners work on accessible technology—perhaps the most people dedicated to this topic at any university anywhere. 



Three students, one using a power wheelchair, use laptops to control robots at the DO-IT Summer Study 2019

Students from a variety of disciplines learn collaboratively about accessibility and how to champion it in the workforce.



A wrist with a smartwatch on it. The smartwatch has an alert that says "Car honk, 98%, Loud, 101 dB" It also has options to snooze the alert for 10 minutes or open in an app on the user's phone.

Researchers have established
relationships with community partners to provide inclusive leadership in accessible
technology with cooperation,
trust, and transparency at the forefront.

  • SoundWatch wearable technology
  • Large-scale mobile app accessibility testing, repair, and results
  • Technology-education white papers
  • Nintendo accessibility special interest group