We invite you to CREATE with us.

Philanthropic contributions to CREATE supports impactful translational work and students with disabilities, encourages technology translation, and provides access to leaders in translational research with deep subject matter expertise.

To support CREATE’s faculty and student research, education and translation, please contact Jennifer Mankoff and Jacob Wobbrock, Co-Directors for Research.

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Our investors enjoy these benefits:

  • Visible recognition and acknowledgement on CREATE website 
  • Invitations to campus to connect with CREATE faculty and students for potential collaborations based on shared interests
  • Access to CREATE mailing lists for advertising jobs and recruiting graduate student interns
  • Early access to the annual CREATE research fair and demo days where cutting-edge research in accessible computing is shared.
  • Invitations to CREATE lectures 
  • Invitation to Annual Panel Discussion on Accessible Technology
  • Opportunities to propose significant student projects (e.g., major class projects, capstones)

Our supporting investors

Microsoft logo

Microsoft is proud to support UW’s goal to take their next step in accessibility innovation with CREATE. UW’s and Microsoft’s approach align in many ways, particularly considering their longstanding record of recognizing the untapped talent among the disability community and establishing an ecosystem of inclusion from which everyone stands to benefit. Read more about Microsoft’s Role as an Industry Partner

Google is proud to be CREATE’s first supporting partner. Google is please to support CREATE’s efforts to bring together interdisciplinary work that has the potential to change the landscape for accessibility. Google’s commitment is to helping CREATE make the world—and technology—better for people with disabilities.

What investment can do

  • The Future of Assistive Technology: A Panel Discussion

    4:27 pm

    Anat Caspi participated in a panel discussion on the future of assistive technology and how recent innovations are likely to affect the lives of people with disabilities.

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  • Accessible CS Education workshop focuses on inclusive experiences

    6:57 pm

    Amid a global pandemic, innovative thinkers have been hard at work developing plans to improve equity in modern learning environments. The Accessible Computer Science Education Fall Workshop was held November 17-19, 2020, and jointly sponsored by Microsoft, The Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities, and CREATE. Each day of the event focused on strategies to improve…

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  • Caspi to lead collaborative $11.45M Transportation Data Equity Initiative

    5:09 pm

    Tools like Google Directions and OneBusAway give up-to-date travel and transit information to make regional transit easier for most. But mobility applications focus on efficiency and shortest paths, leaving out information critical to people with disabilities, older adults, and anybody needing more support. The Taskar Center for Accessible Technology, led by CREATE Associate Director for…

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  • New UW center bankrolled by Microsoft aims to make technology more accessible to disabled people

    3:28 pm

    The Seattle Times | May 28, 2020 University of Washington professor Jacob Wobbrock figures the best way to make technology more accessible to disabled people is to anticipate their needs from the very beginning. “The world we live in is built on certain assumptions,’’ Wobbrock said. “If we question those assumptions right from the start when…

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  • Microsoft invests $2.5M in CREATE, a new center for accessible tech at the University of Washington

    3:21 pm

    GeekWire | May 28, 2020 Microsoft and the UW have long been aligned in a shared commitment to accessible technology and a world that is more accessible through technology. With a leadership team from six campus departments in three different colleges, CREATE will build upon the UW’s existing work in education, research and translation. Read the…

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  • $2.5 million inaugural investment from Microsoft launches CREATE

    9:11 am

    CREATE News | May 28, 2020UW president Ana Mari Cauce, with Brad Smith, Tim Shriver and Jennifer Mankoff, announced the new center and Microsoft's investment at the Microsoft Ability Summit on May 28. With a mission to make technology accessible and to make the world accessible through technology, Microsoft's support will build upon current projects in…

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