This is an exclusive invitation to the Taskar Center’s 2024 Annual Ben Taskar Memorial Event, themed “Transportation and Responsible AI.”

January 25, 2024
12:00 – 5:30 p.m.
Gates Center for Computer Science and Engineering


12:00 – Project Poster Viewing and Team Discussions – Explore innovative projects from the course on “Responsible Data Science in Urban Spaces” under the guidance of Anat Caspi, TCAT director, contributing to Dr. Caspi’s recent Human Rights Education Award.

1:00 – Community Townhall Meeting with Dragomir Anguelov – Join us for a captivating discussion with Dragomir Anguelov, VP and Head of Research at Waymo, as he shares Waymo’s insights into operating an autonomous ride-share fleet, covering over 7 million miles. The session, moderated by Anat Caspi, focuses on responsible AI in transportation. (This session will not be recorded and not available to remote participants.)

2:00 – Coffee and Cookie break

2:15 – Spotlight on AccessMap Multimodal – Discover the latest advancements in accessible transportation with a spotlight on the recent deployment of AccessMap Multimodal. The session will highlight the personalized trip planner for travelers with disabilities and provide insights into the user experience, including the use of screen readers.

3:30 – Ben Taskar Memorial Distinguished Lecture by Dragomir Anguelov: Toward Total Scene Understanding for Autonomous Driving – In this engaging lecture, Drago Anguelov will delve into recent Waymo research on performant ML models and architectures that handle the variety and complexity of real-world environments in autonomous driving. He will also discuss the impact of progress in building Autonomous Driving agents on people with disabilities and explore current open questions about enhancing embodied AI agent capabilities with ML.

4:45 – Reception

This event is being held in conjunction with the annual Ben Taskar Memorial Distinguished Lecture. It is co-sponsored by the Taskar Center for Accessible Technology and the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering.

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