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Founded in the summer of 2019, CREATE’s mission is to make technology accessible and to make the world accessible through technology and in our first years we’ve made great strides in this direction.

In this era of rapidly changing technology, the need to ensure accessibility and equity for people with disabilities is urgent. To create true equity, we must build individual and collective solutions that can adapt, create, and transform interactive systems to improve access to technology and to the world at large. Incremental progress must be replaced by transformational approaches through a combination of big data, advanced tools, artificial intelligence, new interface paradigms, robotics, human-computer interaction, critical academic inquiry, and foregrounding the lived experience of disability through inclusion and participatory design.

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Your donation will provide broad-based support for the Center for Research and Education on Accessible Technology and Experiences (CREATE).

In addition, CREATE hopes to form an endowment fund specifically to support the advancement of people with disabilities into advanced careers to help our mission of increasing representation of people with disabilities. Contact us if you are interested in contributing to this goal.

Help us sustain funding for important research, translation and education work. 

Donate to CREATE

Volunteer with CREATE

Interested in volunteering? Many CREATE projects periodically need interns and other volunteers. For example, we’ve held Go Baby Go car adaptation workshops and participated in a virtual mapathon with Project Sidewalk. CREATE interns have also helped with research projects and app development. If you are interested in donating your time, please email with a description of your interests and skills.

In addition to volunteer opportunities, CREATE often has opportunities to contribute as research participants. Please email if you would like to be told about participant opportunities.