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Since its 2019 founding, CREATE has supported an interdisciplinary community of researchers working to make technology accessible and to make the world more accessible through technology. In these five years we have:

  • Fostered community for more than 250 student members through outreach, educational initiatives, seminars, hackfests, and community events
  • Developed a community engagement program that provides students with unique opportunities to collaborate and co-design with community partners, including local, regional, and national disability-serving nonprofits
  • Expanded our funding support for translation and research, including our newest initiative, Race, Disability, and Technology
  • As part of our efforts to improve inclusive access up and down the academy, we launched new graduate and undergraduate courses focused on accessibility and technology, and integrated accessibility into intro courses in different STEM programs
  • With more than 50% of our leadership, faculty, and staff disabled themselves, advocated for disabled faculty and people by circulating inclusive hiring practices for UW and by writing policy briefs
  • Secured additional grant funding to support postdoctoral research fellows
  • Continued to publish significant numbers of influential research articles about technology and accessibility

We are 50 years out from Section 504, 30 years out from the passage of the ADA, and only 5 years into our work. Support us to ensure the next 50 years of technological change are accessible, inclusive, and equitable!

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Your donation will provide broad-based support for the Center for Research and Education on Accessible Technology and Experiences (CREATE).

Help us sustain funding for important research, translation, and education work. 

Volunteer with CREATE

Interested in volunteering? Many CREATE projects periodically need interns and other volunteers. For example, we’ve held Go Baby Go car adaptation workshops and participated in a virtual mapathon with Project Sidewalk. CREATE interns have also helped with research projects and app development. If you are interested in donating your time, please email with a description of your interests and skills.

In addition to volunteer opportunities, CREATE often has opportunities to contribute as research participants. Please email if you would like to be told about participant opportunities.