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AccessComputing helps people with disabilities succeed in pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees and employment in computing fields. Led by UW with UC Irvine, Gallaudet University, and Tufts University, AccessComputing works to increase the capacity of postsecondary institutions and other organizations to fully include people with disabilities in computing education and employment. 

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AccessCSForAll partners with computer science (CS) curriculum providers, in-service and pre-service providers, and organizations that support K-12 CS teachers and schools nationwide. Together they are decreasing barriers such as inaccessible tools and curriculum while improving access to quality computer science education for students with disabilities, including students who are deaf, are blind, or have learning disabilities.

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AccessEngineering increases the participation of people with disabilities in engineering academic programs and careers. Project staff engage faculty and students nationwide in efforts to (1) better serve a diverse student body, including students with a broad range of disabilities, in engineering courses and programs, and (2) integrate relevant disability-related and universal design content into engineering courses.

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Center for Technology and Disability Studies

Center for Technology and Disability Studies (UWCTDS) focuses disability and the supportive use of technology, providing direct services, conducting research, and translating knowledge and evidence-based practice. UWCTDS is an interdisciplinary program within the Institute on Human Development and Disability and the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine in the School of Medicine.

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The D Center

The D Center (Disability and d/Deaf Cultural Center) is a space and community where students can celebrate disability and D/deaf pride and foster community at the UW and beyond. Located in the HUB, the center fosters community, shares resources, and hosts events.

DO-IT Center logo with an aqua, brushstroke icon of a globe with longitude and latitude lines.

The DO-IT Center

The DO-IT Center (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology) is dedicated to empowering people with disabilities through technology and education. It promotes awareness and accessibility—in both the classroom and the workplace—to maximize the potential of individuals with disabilities and make our communities more vibrant, diverse, and inclusive.

logo for DUB, purple background with white curving lines that spell DUB.

UW DUB – Design. Use. Build.

DUB (Design. Use. Build.) is a grassroots alliance of faculty, students, researchers, and industry partners interested in Human Computer Interaction & Design at the UW. Their mission is to bring people together to share ideas, collaborate on research, and advance teaching related to the interaction between design, people, and technology.

HuskyADAPT logo, with 3 heaxagons containing icons of tools, people and vehicles.


HuskyADAPT (Accessible Design And Play Technology) trains future designers and engineers in inclusive design through toy adaptation events and engineering design challenges. Their mission is to foster an inclusive, sustainable, and multidisciplinary community at the University of Washington to support the development of accessible design and play technology.

Taskar Center for Accessible Technology logo with silhouettes of 8 people with a variety of mobility aids and a service dog.

Taskar Center for Accessible Technology

The Taskar Center for Accessible Technology (TCAT) develops, translates, and deploys open source, universally accessible technologies, with a focus on benefiting populations with motor limitations or speech impairment. TCAT’s academic mission is to engage undergraduate design and engineering students in participatory design and inclusive design practices.

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UW Center on Outcomes Research in Rehabilitation

The UW Center on Outcomes Research in Rehabilitation (UWCORR) is focused on the development and applications of effective measurement strategies for research, clinical trials, and clinical practice. They advise investigators and clinical systems on what outcomes to measure and how to maximize person-centered and scientifically sound measurement of health outcomes, specializing in measures that are short, reliable, clinically relevant, and appropriate for the target audience.

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