Industry Partners

As a research center, CREATE’s lifeblood is conducting cutting-edge research, and designing, building, and evaluating the next generation of accessible technologies.

We are dedicated to propelling accessible technology research and education from incremental improvements to paradigm-shifting breakthroughs that enable greater inclusion and participation for people of all abilities. Learn about our current research activities and our current education activities.

Microsoft logo

Microsoft is CREATE’s inaugural founding investor and is proud to support the UW’s goals in accessibility innovation. The UW’s and Microsoft’s approaches align in their longstanding records of recognizing the untapped talent among the disability community.

Google logo

Google is pleased to support CREATE’s efforts to bring together interdisciplinary work that has the potential to change the landscape for accessibility.

Meta logo

Meta is supporting CREATE to ensure the future of human communication and connection is an accessible one.

GitHub logo

GitHub is partnering with CREATE to support work that advances the accessibility of computer science learning experiences for learners with disabilities and in any age group, from preschool to continuing education.

See GitHub’s impressive Accessibility page with videos and a spotlight on CREATE and our campus partner AccessComputing.

Billy Footwear logo with the profile of a billygoat on a red background.

Billy Footwear supports CREATE both financially and as a community partner, contributing lived experience with disability to research efforts.

Industry partner benefits

Our partners enjoy these benefits:

  • Visible recognition and acknowledgement on the CREATE website 
  • Invitations to campus to connect with CREATE faculty and students for potential collaborations based on shared interests
  • Inclusion of jobs and recruitment in our emails and announcements
  • Access to the annual CREATE research showcase where cutting-edge research in accessible computing is shared
  • Invitations to CREATE lectures of various kinds
  • Invitation to Community Days, hack-a-thons, and other translation-oriented events
  • Opportunities to propose student projects, such as major class projects or capstones