Together, we can accomplish CREATE’s mission and make the world a better place for individuals with disabilities. You can support CREATE in the following ways:


Philanthropic contributions directly support CREATE’s faculty and student research, education and translation. In addition to supporting research, you can directly contribute to the success of people with disabilities. CREATE’s vision of inclusion includes bringing people with disabilities in at the undergraduate, graduate and faculty level. However, many barriers exist, particularly at the top. Accessible software may only consider students; conference travel may require extra support, and the opportunity to save time while navigating the faculty job may be crucial. To support this, we hope to endow a fund that will supplement the hire of faculty with disabilities by supporting a transitional year and then providing extra supports that can help smooth the transition to faculty pre-tenure. 

Donate to CREATE


CREATE employs a consortium model for academic, industry, and community partners to help address accessibility bottlenecks in both processes and products. CREATE develops technology, innovation and translation models that support its partners in deploying accessible technologies and creating inclusive communities.

CREATE’s goal is to deeply engage with its partners to develop transformational technology and educate a workforce that can help improve the accessibility of technology. CREATE intends to pursue open IP outside of specific alternate agreements. As a partner, you may: 

  • Get a first look at cutting-edge research and course and capstone projects. 
  • Attend CREATE’s center-wide retreat, where strategic discussions help set the priorities for research, education, and translation. 
  • Attend CREATE’s partner-only meeting focused on sharing the latest breakthroughs in accessible technology research and practice, and networking with other partner members.
  • Participate in CREATE’s Demo Days to get a close look at current faculty and student projects.
  • Work with faculty and students to assess products, evaluate processes and provide relevant training to your teams through course modules that teach accessibility and inclusive design.
  • Collaborate with advanced students to run technology focus groups or scientific studies. 
  • Recruit outstanding graduates with expertise in technology and accessibility. 
  • Connect with CREATE’s illustrious advisory board members. 
  • Embed a team member in CREATE through our visitors’ program.