CREATE Faculty Membership

CREATE supports the work of faculty across disciplines whose research, teaching commitments, advising, and other university service concern the intersections of accessibility and technology, broadly construed.

Being a CREATE faculty member gives you easy access to our community and corporate partnership programs, and ensures that CREATE promotes your work to its membership and partners.

Active participation

We encourage CREATE faculty members to participate in our community as follows:

  • Serve as a node of information exchange between your department and other UW organizations you participate in and CREATE; share information with CREATE about events and opportunities that relate to accessibility, both at UW and in the community.
  • Participate in some of CREATE’s events, such as the CREATE seminar, and our annual Community Day (Spring quarter).
  • Attend some of CREATE’s monthly coffee chats, which are opportunities to share work-in-progress, discuss topics of shared interest, and connect with other CREATE faculty members.
  • Submit an annual statement to CREATE’s Director.

Applying to become a CREATE faculty member

New CREATE faculty members are required to have a sponsor, chosen from among the CREATE’s directors and associate directors.

If you are interested in joining CREATE as a faculty member:

  1. Talk to a CREATE director or associate director about membership and ask them to sponsor you.
  2. Fill out the CREATE Faculty Membership application form, which includes uploading your CV. There is no deadline; applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

New applications are reviewed at CREATE’s monthly Associate Directors meeting. The review process can take as long as 2 months before you get a response.