CREATE’s Community Standards

CREATE strives to be a place where all members feel respected, acknowledged, and heard. As we work to support people with disabilities, who have experienced historical marginalization within technology cultures, our events include disabled people of diverse identities, as well as allies of disabled people of diverse identities.

To ensure that all participants experience a culture of mutual respect and learning, CREATE asks everyone who contributes to its online and in-person activities to follow this code of

  1. Listen to other people, including by asking questions and taking time to think through what other people are saying.
  2. Be mindful of our members’ diversities, which may not always be visible (e.g., non-normative work tempos, non-normative communication modes, neurodiversity) and which members may not be willing to disclose.
  3. Avoid making assumptions about other people.
  4. Value collaboration over conflict.
  5. Participate in criticism and critique without resorting to personal attacks.

As a University of Washington organization, CREATE also abides by the UW Student Code of Conduct. Any behavior or communication that constitutes harassment, bullying, discrimination, threats, stalking, sexual misconduct, retaliation, or a disruption or obstruction of CREATE’s functions or activities violates UW’s Student Code of Conduct.

Note: Any violation of CREATE’s code of conduct or UW’s Student Code of Conduct may result in temporary or permanent suspension of a CREATE membership.