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The Center for Research and Education on Accessible Technology Experiences is focused on improving accessibility and equity for people with disabilities within the rapidly changing world of technology. With directors representing the fields of disability studies, computing, engineering, rehabilitation medicine, and information science, CREATE is working to transform the way the world approaches accessibility.

Our mission: to make technology accessible and make the world accessible through technology.

Help us CREATE change

To achieve our mission, CREATE relies on the expertise of those active in the disability community to help guide our efforts. CREATE is looking to connect with organizations interested in sharing their knowledge, expertise, and lived experiences.

Partner with Us!

Actively engage with current CREATE teams and projects by becoming a Community Partner. CREATE’s partnerships with the community touch all stages of our work – from listening to the needs of those with lived experience to identify future projects, collaborating with impacted communities during the research process, and gathering feedback from users when that research is translated into real-world applications.

Benefits of Partnership

Being a community partner comes with many benefits including:

  • Recognition on our website including your logo and a link to your organization’s site
  • Early access to special CREATE events
  • Opportunities to connect with industry, community, and campus organizations and individuals that share a passion for accessibility
  • Have your job postings, events, and other accessibility calls to action included in our outreach materials

CREATE a connection

Become a member of the CREATE community and find out about how the research happening through CREATE is making the world more accessible to all, learn about local events focused on accessibility issues, and stay on top of cutting-edge research that is making a difference in the lives of those with disabilities. Becoming a member is free, private, and secure.

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CREATE-ive solutions

Highlights from our research, education and translation initiatives

Through cooperation, trust, and transparency with our partners, CREATE is forging a path between innovative research and sustainable real-world impact:

Composite photo of CREATE directors. Top row: Anat Caspi, Director for Translation; Heather Feldner, Associate Director; Leah Findlater, Associate Director. Middle row: James A. Fogarty, Associate Director; Jon Froehlich, Associate Director; Richard Ladner, Director for Education. Bottom row: Jennifer Mankoff, Founding Co-Director; Kat Steele, Associate Director; Jacob O. Wobbrock, Founding Co-Director.

CREATE’s award-winning directors

CREATE’s directors represent five different university departments and lead over 10 different labs, centers, and groups. It is this dedication to collaboration and holistic approach to accessibility that sets CREATE apart.

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