Scholars who use screen readers sought for user study

The Semantic Scholar Research Team at the Allen Institute for AI is conducting an experiment to evaluate the screen reader accessibility of scientific papers. We are looking for participants who are age 18 or older, who identify as blind or low vision, and who have experience using screen readers to interact with scientific papers.

The details:

  • Complete the eligibility form to determine eligibility
  • Study is all online (Zoom)
  • Takes approximately 75 minutes
  • Participants receive a $150 Amazon gift card

Participation in this study is entirely voluntary. If you do decide to participate, your individual data will be kept strictly confidential and will be stored without personal identifiers. The study involves an informational interview to better understand screen reader needs around scientific papers. Each participant will also be asked to interact with papers on a web interface developed by the team.

Please contact Jonathan Bragg ( or Lucy Lu Wang ( if you have any questions or concerns about this study. Thank you in advance for your time! Please help us spread the word by forwarding as appropriate.