Translation and representation are at the heart of CREATE and cross-campus collaboration is a core value.

Leveraging the industry, disability community, and academic partnerships of the Center, we continue to build upon our prior successes and create sustainable models for translation. Our collaborations with the TASKAR centerHuskyADAPT, and the UW Disability Studies Program ensure diverse voices to inform innovation. 

We invite you to partner with us.

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Anat Caspi, CREATE’s Director for Translation, coordinates with community partners and has formed a diverse and inclusive CREATE Advisory Board.


  • Caspi to lead collaborative $11.45M Transportation Data Equity Initiative

    Anat CaspiA white woman smiling into the camera. She is wearing a purple blouse.

    Tools like Google Directions and OneBusAway give up-to-date travel and transit information to make regional transit easier for most. But mobility applications focus on efficiency and shortest paths, leaving out information critical to people with disabilities, older adults, and anybody needing more support. The Taskar Center for Accessible Technology, led by CREATE Associate Director for…

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