For Speakers and their Hosts: Accessibility Guidelines

When planning an event with a speaker, try to ensure that the speaker has–and helps create–the most accessible experience possible.

  1. Ask the speaker if there any accessibility needs you can meet for the speaker.
  2. Find out if the speaker would like you to communicate to the people who will be meeting you, including pre-and post-event meetings: private 1:1 meetings, group settings, over Zoom, or in your talk.
  3. Share with the speaker your group’s access norms. Examples:
    A How To Guide for Accessible Documents and Presentations
    How can you make your presentation accessible?

Guidelines for speakers

Presentation materials

PowerPoint/Google Slides Specific Guidelines

  • Is each slide title unique?
  • If a slide is going to be presented– is it generally text light?
  • Are animations non-distracting? (E.g., fade in and fade out, NOT fly in or out). Do they minimize scrolling/panning? 
  • If in Microsoft– use the accessibility checker!
  • Use large clear fonts in slides
  • Read about adding captions for Google Slides
  • Show captions for any videos

When Presenting


Guidelines for Word and Google Docs

  • Are titles and section headers using styles (e.g., header 1, header 2)?
    • Structure: Are headers properly nested? (h2 comes after an h1)
  • If in Microsoft– use the accessibility checker!